Sunday, May 31, 2009

Campbell's Fully Loaded Can

He's hungry for danger
He can take the heat
Fully loaded man's got balls of meat
Over the edge
Flying through the sky
Fully loaded man, he could probably die
Time to slam a fully loaded can
A fully crammed dinner feast
For a meat, veg and pasta fan
Fully loaded can!

Those are the lyrics, apart from line seven which I can't really work out. Let me know if you can tell what he's saying! *update* sorted now- thanks!
How awesome is this ad? Seems like this is the kind of unashamed testosterone festival that we've been missing on Aussie TV recently. Compare the Fully Loaded Man with the Perfect Italiano metrosexual:

Looks like there's a fine line between 'metrosexually appealing' and 'pansy'. Personally, I feel the Perfect Italiano man would grow dull after a while. He can cook, he understands interior design, he is well-groomed and owns a functional set of emotions, but where's the excitement? Where's the PASSION? WHERE'S THE BEEF?


Sean O'Connell said...

The 7th line is "Time to slam a Fully Loaded Can!"...

Great ad this one.


Scotty Evil said...

this ad is so awesome
theres another ad that came out just before it for the same product which is also heaps good - warm tinny
me and my mates have sung both of them when walking around the supermarket but never actually bought it - it doesn;t look very appealing ha

vuvu said...

I loved this ad so much i googled it up to be with other like minded folk. I love the aussie gruffness about it.. brings it back to the mainly age of pre metro's.. 70's to 80's i'd say. I especially love the super ac/dc like delivered last line "SUPER LOADED CAN!" Makes me chuckle everytime.

No doubt after the ad finished the men all went and chopped firewood with their penis', had sex with 20 women each, and then went to sleep on a dead croc after headbutting it to death. awesome!!

eric said...

thanks so much for posting that 7th line. my brother and I were racking our brains on the weekend to try and work it out. absolutely love this tvc. well done campbells.

Hughes dePayens said...

Fuck yeah, needs more beef, among other things.

The firs one was spot on, could put some shooting/hunting in there somewhere to top it off.

Anonymous said...

Me and my young boys love and live the fully loaded can creed!!

"Fully loaded can" will I reckon embed itself in the Aussie lingo like "Claytons" did...

Bill Fraser said...

Yes, a hero to a nation no doubt, but don't forget about his faithful sidekick Indian Evel Knievel. F.L.M. is the biggest thing to happen to this country since Martin Grellis (The Easy Off Bam Man)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was..

"Tough to slam a fully loaded can"
"A fully crammed dinner feast"
"Full of meat, veg, and pasta man"
"Fully loaded can!!!"