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List of speciality and gourmet food stores and delis in Brisbane

Note: this post is often updated. Check back often for changes and new additions.

Acacia Ridge
The Dutch Shop
Dutch grocery importer.

Persian Bazaar, Cracknell Rd
A few of your Middle-Eastern goodies and dry deli items. No fresh produce. Very limited selection, lots of sugar products and jams, some pulses, lentils etc, also some flavoured waters (lavender, rose, plus some herbal ones)

The African Market, Ipswich Road at Chardon's Corner
Dried goods from South Africa, packets, pulses, etc. Very popular among the Moorooka community.

Beenleigh Butchery, 69a George St
This butchery is 110 years old. Wins the RNA comps all the time. They also do wholesale bacon and ham for Christmas. Cheap, traditional methods, great variety and quality.
Just Loaf, 4/15 Main St
Artisanal bakery doing stuff via the old French methods. Some gluten- and wheat-free stuff. Filled buns, pies, pastry products, quick lunch options.
Backa Smallgoods, 86 George St
Notable for its large range of wood-smoked meats prepared onsite. Homemade sauerkraut. Huge range of traditional meats from Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Poland and Germany. Cheese too.

The Deli, Oxford Street (near Woolies)
See the New Farm Deli. This latest offshoot has all the usual great range of deli gear, plus lovely takeaway coffee and all you need for a quality shopping moment after a movie.

Camp Hill
The Fig Tree Deli, Samuel Village on Samuel St
Lovely spot. Cafe attached, which serves delicious sandwiches and wraps made with their stuff from the deli. Good range of dry and frozen deli items including Lick gelato and some nice East European and African gear. Cheap prices on the meat smallgoods. Murray River and Maldon salts: plus it's one of the few places in town I've seen that has real rose harissa. They also sell Sol Breads (limited selection). Bit of Asian stuff. Very nice staff.
Whites Hill Butcher, Samuel Village on Samuel St
Good, simple, local butcher. Staff are your old-fashioned jolly butchery types. Mentionable here due to the fact that they usually stock fresh chicken chipolata sausages, unlike everywhere else where you get them frozen. Good range of sausages, fresh and without feral chemicals.

Carina Fresh Deli, 182 Stanley Rd
Awesome and comprehensive deli right in the heart of suburbia. Boydie's Cheese Bar contains fabulous locals and imports, including Heidi Farm raclette and Roquefort. Big olive and antipasto selection. Dried muscatels, Mariebelle chocolate, Dutch cream potatoes, all your good fruit and vegetables, lots of Borgo smallgoods.
Carina North Quality Meats, 182 Stanley Rd
Next to the deli. These guys know what they are on about. They have the lot, and they'll order it in otherwise. Big fat lamb backstraps, pork fillets, quail, frozen everything, lots of duck, etc. Do a roaring trade at Christmas, ordering in turkeys and hams. Great quality and good prices. Lovely and helpful staff. Now open till 6.30pm.

Fitzsimmons Meats, inside Westfield Carindale, next to the supermarkets
Notable for its range of South African meat products. Biltong, boerewors (plain and flavoured), African smoked cheese sausage, beef jerky.

Chapel Hill
Ingredients, Kenmore Shopping Village
Excellent place. Cheese central. Organic, free-range, dried and cured goods. Homemade dips, soups, antipasto, fresh exotic salads. Pastry and cakes made onsite (lime, passionfruit and coconut... yum.)
The Butcher's Block, Kenmore Shopping Village
Gourmet butchery. South African biltong, droewors, plus homemade chutneys and sauces. Ready-to-cook quality meals like lamb saltimbocca, pesto eye fillet, beef Wellington etc. Lots of antipasto. Organic chickens and duck.
Simon's Gourmet Gallery, 620 Moggill Road
Simon Jones and his range of super-yummy (but expensive) mega-quality gear. The 'gallery' includes a butcher, fruit and veg, deli and a cafe. Heaps of excellent ready-to-cook meals plus ready-to-heat-up meals as well. The deli has awesome cheeses and meats, plus ready-made light meals like quiches and whatnot. Not a cheap place, but worth it. Dried goods too.

Fortitude Valley
Black Pearl Epicure, 36 Baxter St
One of the best. Used to be full of imported Russian caviar until it became banned. Now they have salmon roe and some of the imported French sevruga and osietra, very expensive but excellent. Simon Johnson and Maggie Beer products, preserves, pickles, quality pasta and pasta sauce, spreads, sauce, truffles (dried but sometimes fresh in season), dried mushrooms, salts, spices, chocolate, vinegars, oils, olives, truffle oil, curry pastes, imported Spanish caperberries. Outstanding cheese selection including French Pont L'Eveque, Raclette and Port Salut, Stilton (anything the pasteurisation police haven't yet outlawed!) and the good Australian stuff. Good frozen meats, including goose, duck and rabbit. Classes and demonstrations.
Burlington's, Chinatown Mall
Enormous store for everything Asian. Herbalist, brilliant (and well-priced) Chinese meat store for your BBQ pork, duck and crispy roast pork, great fresh butcher next door who has great deals on whole rumps, fillets etc, lots of quality offal, fresh duck and rabbit sometimes, always very good quality fresh meat with lots of variety. Inside the supermarket, good Japanese section, many standard Western goods, cheap fresh herbs (incl. lemongrass) and tofu products, cooking equipment, chinaware, lots of frozen goods, specialty items at Chinese New Year, massive section for Asian snacks, lollies and treats. Good prices. Also see my previous review.
Cherikoff Bakery, Wickham St
Probably the most legit Asian bakery in town: Sunnybank also has an offshoot of this bakery. Egg tarts, red bean paste rolls, pork buns with coriander and carrot, you know all the characters. Also a big range of Euro-inspired pastry treats: croissants, danishes, scrolls, crumbly biscuits. Great prices. Don't go there without getting an egg tart. They're lovely.
Harvey's, 4/31 James St
Deli. Massive cheese range, emphasis on local and farmhouse products. They make their own jams, relishes and takeaway meals. Buffalo cheese.
Jocelyn's Provisions, Centro on James St
Tiny shop but has a dedicated following. Owner is Jocelyn Hancock: uses no chemicals or preservatives in anything. All ingredients fresh and real (i.e. real eggs, not reconstituted egg powder). French / Italian pies and cakes are their main claim to fame, but they also do biscuits, preserves and savoury tarts, the kind of things you'd have with salad for a light summer lunch. Cakes can be ordered for pickup. The quality is amazing, but they are pretty expensive. Get the almond and fruit tart. Perhaps worth it.
Spoon Deli and Cafe, Centro on James St
Nice for a coffee and perhaps light breakfast or lunch. Tends to be full of annoying local types blocking the way with prams, but the dry produce section is very good. Lots of unusual treasures that would make great gifts, like big packs of margarita mix (just add water and freeze!), lovely coffees and teas, imported couscous and pasta, good chocolate and sweet selection and a fair range of vinegars, oils and jus. Prices are OK. Definitely worth a look.
French Twist Bakery, Centro on James St
Cute little French bakery. Worth a visit. Some good offerings, others to be avoided. Polite and mostly authentic staff. Stuff in the cake cabinet is much more legit than the breads. See my review here.
Sirianni Spar, Emporium (between Ann and Wickham Sts)
See my previous review.
Yuen's, Chinatown Mall (down the alley near the carpark entrance)
See Burlington's, above, except with a lot more stuff, some crazy varieties of unknown Asian produce, a lot less space and really cranky staff. They have a good frozen selection and occasionally some nice fresh seafood out the front. Recently expanded: have frontages now onto the mall and Brunswick St. Sometimes, better than Burlington's. No EFTPOS... beware.

Fraiche Deli Providores, 158 Graceville Ave
Brand-new and teething, but very good. The owner and chef have worked at every swanky restaurant and hotel in town, and it shows. All stuff made fresh on-site every day. Fabulous salads, dips, deli gear. You can buy meals ready-to-heat or buy the ingredients and instructions to do it yourself. Savoury galettes, tarts and roulades. Excellent muffins, not plastic pre-mix crap. Custard kisses, biscotti, apple cake, all homemade with quality ingredients. Gluten-free available.

Cut-Price Deli, inside the Woolworths building on Logan Rd
See my previous review.
Rock n' Roll Marketplace, 500 Logan Rd
See my previous review. The chicken schnitzel I bought from here was by far the worst quality I have ever had. The deli section has olive oils starting at $22 for a bottle, up to $45. However, the attached bakery has excellent sourdough baguettes, very legitimate. They go quick so get there in the morning.

ZoneFresh Portside, Hercules St
Good and comprehensive store containing great variety of greengrocer goods, butcher, deli, dairy section, the usual cheeses plus organic range and hot foods for takeaway.

Holland Park
Superior Meats, 959 Logan Rd

Antibiotic and growth-hormone free meat. Smallish place, small selection on display, but all of the absolute best and freshest quality. They prepare their smallgoods there on-site, and they'll order stuff in if they don't have it. GHP-free poultry, King Island beef, Bangalow sweet pork, bacon, duck, rabbit, spatchcock, crocodile, venison, gluten-free sausages. Wall on the left-hand side has a limited selection of dry deli goods: some gourmet sauces, oils, vinegars and so on, plus Maldon salt. Nice staff.
Mostly British, Logan Rd (50m from Quality Meats)
Importer of UK and European groceries: cereals, jams, Marmite, some biscuits and lollies. Only fairly new and seem to be flying under the radar somewhat. They also have a big pile of UK-themed teatowels, flags, badges, teaspoons and so on, including a few commemorative Di / Charles / William / other royal family teacups and memorabilia. Note: now closed down. Guess the market just wasn't there.

Highland Fling Products, 4059 Pacific Highway

A mecca for all things Scottish. It's a pie shop with a grocery attached: you can sample one of their award-winning pies (the usual flavours, plus some sweet ones with apple and rhubarb). Next door is the grocery, which stocks lots of UK and Scottish imports like Irn-Bru, biscuits and lollies. Syd and the team also make fresh meaty treats like haggis, faggots, tattie scones, black pudding and so on, for takeaway.

Manly West
Deli Essentials, in the Woolworths complex on Manly Rd
A pretty good little deli. All the usuals. Make special note of their range of imported French dairy: Lescure butter and fresh goats' cheese to name two. Some nice gourmet groceries as well: the shop is quite small so you have to look carefully at all the gear stacked up the walls to see what they have. Well-stocked smallgoods and cheese section.
Susan's Fine Foods, 195a Preston Rd (near the roundabout)
Lick! icecream, gourmet stocks, 70% couverture chocolate, Herbie's spices and her famous fruit pies. Her website. Fast becoming a local necessity.

Delicatezza Gourmet Fine Food and Delicacies, 4/43 Blackwood St
Top-grade Italian deli meats, sopressa, proscuitto, etc. Lots of cheese, cut from the wheel in front of you. Lots of shelf products, Sol breads, coffee and paninis for lunch.

Feast on Fruit, cnr Junction and Wynnum Rds in the shopping centre
Fruit store with deli out the back. Excellent quality and range of produce, section for organic fruit and vegetables, some beautiful interesting products (Dutch Cream potatoes, fresh figs, starfruit etc). Sometimes loaves of cheap and good ciabatta and Italian baguette, excellent selection of fresh herbs (the cheapest herbs in town) and dairy, Italian drinks, some nuts, great Italian pasta range. They carry the Lick range of gelato and icecream as well as The Spirit House gourmet items from the restaurant up at Yandina. Deli is very well-stocked: great Italian smallgoods, range of olives and antipasto, cheese section is very international (English Stilton, French Roquefort, Dutch Gouda etc) and cheeses often reduced or on special. Limited range of dry goods but very good selection: gourmet tea and coffee, vialone arborio, Lindt chocolate slabs for cooking with, sauces, imported mayonnaises etc. Fridge contains very nice items: Persian feta, local pates and dips, some cold meats, French Lescure butter, pestos, sauces, goat cheese etc. Cheap and good quality bread. Also see my previous review.
The Flour Shop, opposite Feast on Fruit
Quality bakery. All made there in the store. Great European bread, sourdoughs, specialty breads etc, no pre-mixed rubbish like at some other so-called good bakeries. On the expensive side ($6-ish for a loaf) but well worth it. They seem to have limited opening times: I suspect they close at noon or in the early afternoon. Also sell pizza bases and pizza dough. Very good. Check out their website.

Tognini's, Baroona Rd
Deli. Massive cheese section, all cut to your specifications and no pre-packed cheese. Great variety: lots of local cheese and many imports. Coffee and the usual available at adjoining cafe. Now stocks Spanish jamon del serrano and Italian proscuitto San Daniele.

New Farm
CJ's Pasta

Excellent, excellent frozen and fresh pasta and pizza. Not much choice (four or five pizza flavours, half a dozen pasta types) but very good, handmade to perfection, cheap, and perfect for an easy and top-quality weeknight dinner. I recommend the crab ravioli. Gnocchi available, will make custom pasta on request. Frozen meals come with instructions. Gift certificates available.
The New Farm Deli and Cafe, 900 Brunswick St (near Coles)
Best for good quality meals in a relaxed atmosphere Pretty noisy and not really a secret any more. Sometimes the meals can be a bit over-salty. Full of locals. Good daily specials. Deli is not huge but the produce is very good. They marinate their own olives, good cheeses (French, Italian and Australian), nice smallgoods, lots of canned and bottled stuff. Also some lovely gift-worthy baking gear, cake decorations, coffee and biscuits. Apparently the vanilla slice is worth the trip. See my review.

Fundamentals Food Store, Given Tce
Asian, Middle Eastern and European goods. Organic food items like sprouted bread. Good range of Japanese food: miso, nori, rice seasonings, mirin etc. Fresh vegetarian pies available for takeaway.
Paddington Grocer, Given Tce
Lots of lovely big bunches of fresh herbs. Ask if you can't see any on the floor, and they also let you order the day before if you like. Big range of good dried pasta, including Spigadoro.
The Meat-ing Place, 107 Latrobe Tce
Organic hormone-free quality meats. Rabbit, venison, duck, camel. Custom sausages for orders over 5kg. Free range hams and turkeys.

Rosalie Gourmet Market, 1/64 Baroona Rd
Deli. Books, kitchenware, Whitestone cheeses from New Zealand, usual deli items, breads, demonstrations and tastings. Fresh pasta to be reheated at home: under $15 for two people. Apparently they are open till 7 each weeknight. Range of unusual speciality chocolates.
Village Meats
Lots of organic and hormone-free quality meat. Christmas orders.

Clancy James, 699 Sherwood Rd
See Taringa.

South Brisbane (Fresh on Melbourne, 102-104 Melbourne St)
Garden of Eden
Family-run business: Carl Licastro owns this fruit and veg shop and another in Chermside, as well as the entire Fresh on Melbourne complex. (Individual shops and tenants, but only one checkout point).
Good, fresh, local produce. Minimal overseas imports. Speciality potatoes, herbs and Asian greens.
Shells on Melbourne
Top quality fish and seafood. Very modern: lots of ready-to-cook stuff available like scallop pies, seafood filo pastries, scallop and prawn terrine. Owner Rodger Graf is a chef: this comes through in the gear sold in this high-end fish shop. Go there when you need something awesome to impress the in-laws at a dinner party.
Butcher's Block and Grill
Same guys that opened the butcher at James St, Fortitude Valley. Lovely and very well-cut pieces of meat, all ready to go. Osso bucco, butterflied chops and legs, roasts and so on. Lots of sausage varieties: will order in whatever they don't have. Very good quality.
French Twist Bakery
A much nicer, darker, warmer, authentic-er version of the Fortitude Valley store (see above). Fresh flowers everywhere, couches, tables to enjoy coffee and a pastry, etc. Filled rolls for lunch, millefeuille and tarts etc for afters. Breads and so on. Good spot.

Southport (Gold Coast)
Sevilo Gourmet Delicatessen, Ferry Rd Market
Cheese galore, lots of imported and local lovely products. Big range of olives, antipasto, meats and so on. Cooked roast chickens.
Prime Speciality Meats, Ferry Rd Market
Fantastic quality butcher. Bangalow pork and Black Angus beef. Cryovac'd packaging keeps meat super-fresh. Quail, pheasant, kangaroo and crocodile.
Jocelyn's Provisions, Ferry Rd Market
Beautiful cakes, pies, tarts and biscuits, all freshly made and in gorgeous setting. See entry for Fortitude Valley store.

Spring Hill
My Little Deli, Leichardt St
This lot can deliver delicious made-to-order deli lunches to city types eating at their desk. You can order online from a range of salads, deli rolls, pizzas, sandwiches, rolls and sushi. Also has all the deli stuff you'd expect.
French Twist Bakery, The Barracks, Petrie Terrace
See above.

Stones Corner
Afshar Persian Market, Old Cleveland Road near the roundabout
Notable for green sultanas and dried burberries in the fridge cabinet. Lots of basmati rice, Indian products, flavoured syrups, ready-to-heat curries (brain curry, anyone?), dried lemons and figs, pickles, dairy products, couscous.

Yuen's, Sunnybank Plaza on Mains Rd
Everything Asian. Enormous and all-encompassing. Has a fish shop inside with some interesting and often very fresh selections. Good prices. Very cheap vegetables, including stuff you often can't find elsewhere like chive flowers, fresh banana leaves, taro, garlic chives, durian, daikon and lotus root. Kim chi by the two-kilo tub. The little restaurant attached outside also has good BBQ offerings.
Sunrise BBQ Butcher, Sunnybank Plaza on Mains Rd
BBQ ducks in the window, cooked fresh daily. Cheap prices. Roast pork, soya chicken, special sauce duck and platters of Chinese cold meats. Butcher attached has the usual good quality gear plus pork belly and huge American-style pork ribs.
Wing Hing Butcher, Sunnybank Plaza on Mains Rd
Fresh / frozen crocodile meat, imported from Port Moresby. Get them to order it in.

Tarragindi Gourmet Deli and Meats, corner of Toohey and Marshall Rds
Not that I want to burst their bubble, but I really wasn't that impressed. The deli is inside the Foodstore, so you go in and then take a hard left into the deli. It's about the size of a large broom cupboard, but they have really jammed stuff in there. There are most of the usual gourmet dry goods, but half of them can be found at the supermarket anyway. There is an open chilled cabinet with prepackaged shrink-wrapped deli meats (ew) and olives, which I guess you could get if it were an emergency. Another fridge has stuff like frozen poussins and frozen sausages. Some Spirit House items. The smallgoods counter was unattended while I was there, so I guess someone could have carved me some cheese or meat if they had been there, or if I had been interested. Generally of a fairly standard quality. I think they need to work on presentation of the items, maybe a more user-friendly layout and possibly up the general feel of the place. Wouldn't recommend it, unless you live across the road and are totally desperate. Some pictures here.

Baie Lekker Products, 1567 Wynnum Rd
Stocks a good range of South African imported groceries.

West End
Delta Continental Foods, 49 Vulture St
Can't miss it: it's on the left as you go towards West End. Blackboards out the front. Has a great range of Greek, Lebanese, Turkish and European foods but with lots of extra tasty treats. Two-level place with lots of oils, olives, marinated Bulgarian and Australian feta, pulses, pasta, canned and bottled goods, serious coffee, and quality herbs and spices.
Euro Continental Foods, 1/73-77 Russell St
Gluten-free heaven. Biscuits, snacks, chocolate and pasta all gluten-free. Turkish delight, lots of different pastas and pasta sauces, some unusual bottled antipasto items like preserved okra and eggplant.
Hong Lan, Vulture St (just after Boundary St on the right)
Excellent range of Asian groceries. Very cramped but treasures abound. Lots of good fresh vegetables and herbs out the front. Sometimes, seafood in an esky: not sure about its trustworthiness.
Mick's Nuts, opposite Sol Breads
The owner's old father used to sit in a corner of this ancient tiny shop and watch the proceedings. Unfortunately he passed away a while ago and since then the place has lost some of its character, but none of its charm and value for money. Best range of dried fruits in Brisbane (dried strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, mango, the lot) as well as pulses, seeds, beans, some bottled items ie. oils, vinegars, sauces and pestos, great homemade dukkah, almond Turkish delight, every nut in existence and lots of dried snacky things like BBQ-flavour roasted corn kernels and cracker mix. Good quality semolina, polenta, flours etc.
Sol Breads, corner of Hardgrave and Vulture Sts
All sourdough, all organic. Excellent walnut and olive breads, plus the usual. They have a small cafe attached. Lots of locals in there all the time. (Have they closed down now? Seems to be a lot less movement in there these days.)
Vietnamese Supermarket, Hardgrave Rd, near Tongue n' Groove
Gorgeous little place for all your Korean and Vietnamese shopping needs. Some good quality fresh vegetables and herbs, as well as fresh soy products in the fridge. Dried shrimp, more noodles than you could poke a stick at, good prices, ginseng products.
Swiss Gourmet Delicatessen, Boundary Rd
Cafe and catering crew with deli attached. All your usual fancy cheeses plus real emmenthal and gruyere. They've also got a selection of smoked meats, mustards, pasta, oils, fresh and marinated salads, chocolates, pates and dips, and for something a bit more interesting, they have a range of salted, smoked or otherwise preserved herrings, sardines and codfish. Do a roaring trade with the local lunchtime crowd.

Heinz Meats, Stanley St

All you need for good German smallgoods. Parking round the back. They have excellent sausages: homemade merguez, Cumberland, Danish and German fresh and cured hams and sausages. Frozen ducks in the freezer, venison fresh sometimes, some German drygoods up the back. The staff are very knowledgeable and kind.
Pennisi Cuisine, Balaclava St
Wonderful store: mostly drygoods. On the right as you go in is a huge fridge full of imported cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano, President fromage de chevre, caraway Gouda, lots of other Italian and French cheeses including fresh mozzarella and pecorino. Real imported Brie de Meaux in the fridge cabinet. Giant paella pans for sale. Some pre-packed smallgoods available. Fresh chorizo. Good olives and antipasto under the counter, a fair bit of South American produce, lots of kosher and Jewish products as well. They stock big cheap bags of Italian '00' flour and some great olive oils. Good prices, lovely family business. Getting a lot busier, since everyone in town worked out how great they are. See my review here.
All India Foods, Balaclava St
Brilliant for all herbs, spices, seeds and flavouring ingredients for any sort of Indian cooking. There is seriously nothing you cannot find in this store. Their prices are very cheap: I bought big bags of kalonji, fennel seeds, coriander seed, cayenne and turmeric for all under $8. Big tubs of ghee, rice and so on. No fresh goods, just dry and a little bit of refrigerated halal stuff. They also have a range of imported personal care products from India: hair oil, soap and so on, and they also have a massive selection of Indian videos and music for sale.
Samios, Annerley Rd, not far from the Mater
Excellent store. Incredible range of dried and glace fruits, especially at Christmas. Parking can be a bastard, so go at a non-peak time to be sure of getting a spot in their tiny little yard. Big range of Greek, Lebanese, Middle-Eastern and Italian stuff, especially dried and bottled goods. Lots of gift-boxed sweets and chocolates. Cheese, meats, olives. Recently refurbished. Sometimes they have great organic spelt bread rolls on the counter. Check out the gorgeous little milk warmers hanging from the ceiling. Very happy and friendly staff (this is a long-standing family-owned company, so they need to be supported!)

Clancy James, 419 Fairfield Rd
See Taringa, above.

Thanks to the following for helping me compile this list:
The Courier Mail
SEL guide to Brisbane

Our Brisbane
Meg and Ted


Lisa said...

Great list, I'll print it out and truly savour some great shopping experiences.

I would suggest adding two more places - Fruity Capers at Toowong (deli and fruit shop) both deserve a mention.

So does the Indian Supermarket at Chelmer/Graceville - I think it's on Leybourne Street. It has the same kind of ramshackle atmosphere as Samios, but Indian and Sri Lankan products, and great value. Their curry powders, chutneys, and ranges of lentils, and rice are just fantastic.

Nel said...

I'll add two more to your list:

Russian Delight - European Style Smallgoods. 3 Kamholtz Court, Ashmore (Gold Coast). Very small shop with (what else?) Russian delights!

Adams Continental Smallgoods.
206 Cobalt St, Carole Park. Large shop with excellent range of deli items.

Steph Bond said...

This is amazing. I've never seen a better, more comprehensive list of gourmet groceries in Brisbane. Thank you Pinky!!!!

SilverMaT Ltd. said...

nice page...

littlem said...

Great list of places I'll have to visit soon....

Pauline said...

Hi, googled and found your blog, will definately bookmark it!
Now, I'm a Swedish girl new to Brisbane. I am dying for some true Swedish cinnamonbuns and was going to bake those myself (nevermind I'm not great at baking). BUT, I need pearl sugar for that. Have you any clue of where I would be able to find that in Brisbane? I'm searching for a speciality baking shop or such.. Any ideas? Thanks!! :)

Pinky said...

Pauline, I would try Executive Chef at West End, the grocery next to Wheel and Barrow at James St, All India Foods at Woolloongabba and Taste at Bowen Hills.
Good luck!
Let us know if you find any...

@mattheworbit said...

Hi Pauline,

I'm not sure when you posted this, but I spotted Pearl/Hail sugar last week at Black Pearl Epicure in Bowen Hills. Good luck! Matt

Anonymous said...

i can add one more:
Mega Continental Food Wholesalers, 17 Duncan St, West End.
Its my favourite shop for fettas and olives and they are unbelievably cheap. They have heaps of products and supply many restaurants and deli's around brisbane and the gold coast so the prices and very good.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it seems Superior Meats have closed down :(

Michelle said...

There's a Russian deli at Coorparoo next to Coles that has the best homemade sourkraut I've ever tasted. It was so good I had to drink the liquid, and it's properly fermented like a good yoghurt.

Deanne said...

My husband and I have recently moved here from New York and are really missing Italian sausages-sweet, hot and sage (which we use with peppers to make a yummy casserole). Can anyone tell us where we can get some good fresh Italian sausages in Brisbane?? Thanks

Natascha said...

Adams Smallgoods in Carol Park is a really super European butcher and deli. You can have a snack and a nice coffee there as well. The staff is really friendly and helpful. Go and have a look and I promise you will not leave without buying something;))

MW said...


I was wondering if anyone knows where I can source a filter holder ring for a moka pot in Brisbane. I live in Mt Gravatt.

Thanks, MW

Anonymous said...

Inala was left off this list too many good shops to mention and great prices if you want Vietnamese items this is the place.Brisbanes best kept secret.

Anonymous said...

Do you Know where I could get malt extract in one of those stores? I already looked in Coles, Wollies and other healths stores! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Although they have been around since 1934. SAMIOS FOODS have recently opened a brand new shop at 37a Turbo Drive, Coorparoo ( It's off Deshon Street) It's Big, it's Beautiful and stocks all wanted brands. Go and have a look, you'll love it. Lots of parking .

Another Maria.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a place where I can buy bakers cheese? Not quark but proper bakers cheese

Donny Fernandez said...

Hi there.
Another deli not on the list:

Plenty Continental Deli
Shop12a Cnr Warrigal & Padstow Rd Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

I love poking around in this shop. It isn't very big, but has an excellent range of imported and local products, quality cheeses, and the Asian staff are knowledgable and helpful - and not in-your-face!

Spartan said...

Very nice list. Does anyone know where I can get turkey bacon or fat free cheese? Had it in the US but can't seem to find in Brisbane.