Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Idol's travelling circus hits the road again

Once again it's time for Australian Idol 2007. And even though the early shows are the most hilarious, I have to say that this year I did feel slightly more uncomfortable than usual about the hard-hitting, straight-talking harshness that was dished out to the usual suspects.
Yes, they suck. No, they can't sing. But does that they should be ridiculed or made to feel terrible, in front of millions of people?
They probably all signed releases saying that Channel 10 now owns their souls and can do whatever it likes with the footage... but the moral dilemma still remains.

On another note, the opening sequence that began this year's freakfest was by far the lamest and most incredibly unoriginal thing I have ever seen, ever. The four judges walking towards the camera in slo-mo? Please... once Tony Barber and Alyse have done it on TV1's Cash Trivia Challenge (aargh), it has officially jumped the shark.
Can't wait till Kyle and Dicko decide that they hate each other, and till they realise that Channel 10 is playing them by casting two people as the exact copy of the other, with intent to drive a massive wedge between them with jealousy on the side. (See voting poll on sidebar). How long will it be before they beat each other up? Not long enough, I'm guessing.

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AustralianIdolFans said...

We're with you on the whole intro thing to Idol.. it was major cringe-factor!

Also, agree with the comments about the harshness.. we were thinking that what if someone was going through a particularly bad patch of no self esteem & went out & took their life or something.. it wouldn't hard to imagine judging by the reaction of some of the people there...