Saturday, August 25, 2007

Roast pork, sweet potato and green beans, with chili apple jam

Saturday night roast, again. Pork was cheap this week: only $3.99 a kilo down on Ippy Road. I got a 2-kilo roast slab for eleven dollars. BARGAIN. Pigs must be falling off the back of a truck somewhere.
Originally I was thinking of marinating or rubbing it before roastage, possibly with an Asian-inspired mix: something to do with star anise, oranges, soy sauce... something like that. Then I got bored and ran out of time and ended up just scoring it, rubbing it with fine salt and olive oil and roasting it.
So, roasting time: it took about three hours at about 190 C. In the end it was still juicy and noice, with good crackling (even though I had to cover it with foil to stop burnination) and minimal dryness. Time-consuming but good.
Threw in some unpeeled chopped potatoes as well as some sweet potato (kaukau) about an hour before the end. To serve, I added steamed green beans and some of my apple chili jam.
Overall verdict: yes, but I should have gone with the original plan and given it some extra flavour.

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