Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bad Taste: thank you Peter Jackson

A bloodthirsty, low-budget 1987 lame-fest, filled with exploding body parts, ultra-violence (but nowhere near as disturbing as A Clockwork Orange or Battle Royale), fake blood and puke galore. I love it.

Filmed over two years in New Zealand, it was. Apparently he and his mates made the whole thing for just a couple of grand, and all they had to film it with was a old wind-up Bolex camera from the ancient days of yore. I hear that these things only run for about two minutes and so each shot must fit within that time frame.


I now own it on DVD. The best bit is when the aliens get one of their own to throw up in a bowl and then they all pass around the bowl of hot puke and drink from it. EW.

Thank you, Peter Jackson: would that we could all begin with such greatness and then move on to casting the hottest man alive, Adrien Brody, in a remake of a disturbing monkey movie, after doing three LOTRs and becoming a Hollywood legend.

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