Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Perfect sage roast chicken

I was very pleased with this chicken. It was a triumph: a paean to the glory of chickenhood.
All we did was shove a lot of chopped sage and some olive oil under its skin, put a lemon inside it, and rub some more olive oil over the outside.
Then it was roasted on its side (crucial point, this) for about an hour in a slow 180C oven: turned and roasted again on the other side for about 45 minutes.
Towards the last half an hour I threw in some potato slices, which weren't quite done when the chicken came out. The chicken went under a foil tent on a plate, and the oven was cranked to 250C. Potatoes came out brown and crispy after twenty minutes, and the chicken was rested to perfection. A few peas on the side, a bit of chickeny gravy, and it was a deliciously perfected dinner.

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