Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pseudo-Shanghai dumplings

Had a packet of wonton wrappers lying around. Decided to have Dumpling Night.
Made a filling from random ingredients: lean pork mince, rice wine, plum sauce, garlic chives, coriander root and leaves, cornflour, cabbage, light soy and chili. After firing up the wok, the dumpling batches were lightly fried in peanut oil till golden (filling still uncooked), and then I poured water into the sizzling wok to almost cover the dumplings. When the water evaporates, the dumpleberries are cooked. They end up with an almost-crispy, chewy, toothsome texture. We served them with a dipping sauce made of Korean chili-garlic paste and light soy. Fabulous.

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