Thursday, October 04, 2007

Brisbane's best bread

What are the criteria for best bread? According to me, bread must be:

  • shaped by hand, not machine

  • Not white, not multigrain, but with elements of wholemeal

  • Possessed of a smooth crumb and an aerated texture

  • Chewy, with a yeasty well-risen aroma

  • Possessed of a crunchy and reasonably thick crust
  • Not soft inside, but firm and robust

All these things are easy enough to find on their own, but remarkably difficult to locate in the one package. Years of hunting have taught me that there is no point trying to find what you want in the chain bakeries like Baker's Delight or Brumby's, or in the supermarkets. Bread there is soft and stodgy, catering to mass markets and people who have never tasted the true mind-altering properties of a warm French baguette or a crusty Italian sourdough, rich in flavour and baking heritage. The place to go to find your bread is a small independent operator who understands your dilemma and is prepared to spend time creating it for you.

So far, the winners for me are:

  • Samios Foods' organic spelt bread
  • Italian loaves and baguettes at Feast on Fruit

  • Sometimes, the loaves in the cabinet at Pennisi's

Alas, the search continues. Where do you recommend for the best bread in town?

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Sarah said...

Sol Breads are good- Gam and I are particularly enamoured of the thyme and olive loaf (I think they're available at Flour Power, but we buy ours at Mrs Flannery's). Fruity Capers Deli in Toowong does pretty good crusty ciabatta, but I really like their rye bread).