Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cafeine at Coorparoo

This mob are at 190 Old Cleveland Road. It's a little red and white place, funky-looking, near the old Megamart intersection there. Unfortunately, it is VERY NOISY... trucks screaming up and down Chatsworth, lots of hard surfaces echoing everywhere... but fortunately, the food is excellent and we had a lovely time. It was packed on a Saturday morning with locals getting takeaway coffee. Luckily we scored one of the three or so tables available, and staked it out so no one would annex it. What did we eat? Bacon and egg with toast and pesto tomatoes; hotcakes with syrup and icecream, turkish toast with pesto tomatoes and feta cheese; freshly-squeezed orange juice, Earl Grey tea (leaf not bag) and a latte. All were excellent, all were great quality and we scoffed the lot. Nothing we ordered was over $10, either. Cost us $35 for three of us: what a bargain! If I can remember my industrial earmuffs, we will be visiting again soon.

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AJ said...

An awesome cafe with awesome coffee. I recommend the Bacon & Egg sandwich and the Mocha Smoothie. We are there at least once a fortnight, some times up to 3 times a week now.