Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sugar-coated fennel seeds

I have seen these around town, especially in Indian and Middle-Eastern food stores, but wasn't quite sure what they were and what to do with them. Then good old Food Safari came to the rescue. Maeve was snacking on a bowl of them during one of the episodes (and I wish I could remember which one, because the SBS website doesn't help.) Iknow it's generally an Indian thing though. The deal is that they freshen the breath after a meal, particularly a spicy flavour-filled one, and help with digestion. If you are into herbs, fennel also does about a million other awesome healthy things for your body, including relieve bloating, gas, period pain and other assorted womanly issues.

So I got me a packet: about a buck fifty for a big packet at the Indian grocer, and ate a couple after dinner. And they ARE tasty and I DO feel well-digested. And I like having a new thing in the kitchen to think about, especially something that makes me feel connected to another country's food heritage. If only I looked good in a sari.


Sarah said...

Where is the Indian grocer? I'm really keen to get some of these... the only time I've ever seen them available retail (i.e. not in an Indian restaurant) was in an Indian supermarket in Gaborone (and I got through the packet in the space of a week!). Delicious.

Pinky said...

I got mine at All India Foods on Balaclava St, the Gabba. There's another Indian grocer in the bottom of the McWhirter Centre in the valley, but not sure whether they have them or not.