Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grass, the end of humanity and a mango

With the rain, dry heat, humidity, more rain, more heat and more rain, the grass is going berko at the moment. Not only is the grass growing, but it's GREEN. I haven't seen green this green since the Big Green of '78.
And the weeds are keeping pace, along with flowers, herbs, creepers and general foliage. It reminds me of disaster movies, when humanity is wiped out and Nature reclaims the planet. It's slightly offputting to realise that it wouldn't take very long for this to happen: within a year things would decay and rot and be overgrown with vines. It puts my pining for a yellow baby grand into perspective...
Last night around 8, on an evening stroll around the suburb, I passed by a parked car in a dark tree-lined street. Just as I drew level with the car, there was a huge bang, and I nearly jumped out of my skin... only to see the remains of a massive, pre-sucked, battered and juicy mango that had fallen from above, just missed me, and exploded on impact, all over the car and the road (and almost me, but luckily not.) I looked up, straight into the drunken face of a leering fruit bat. The fruit bat proceeded to wee noisily and without decorum all over the car, then flapped lazily off into the night.
Maybe that bat was reminding me about how suddenly Nature can reclaim us all, whether it be through rapid-growth flora, or with a heavy mango to the head.

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