Sunday, February 17, 2008

The saga of the elephant

This bloody elephant. It has to go. I made it for a friend's toddler's bedroom wall, but things changed and they were unable to collect it.
The vital stats:

It is made from a piece of MDF board cut to shape, and then padded with polyester batting and decorated.
The elephant's skin is royal purple cotton. He is wearing a silk-look red and gold fringed blanket made of oriental material, gold ankle bands, a beaded and ostrich-feathered headpiece and has a gold ring through his tusk. He has one-off vintage buttons decorating his legs. His tail is made of gold braid and gold tassel. Sequins and fabric paint outline his ear.
The elephant measures approx. 95cm long, 75cm high and the depth is around 5-6cm.
The back of the piece is unfinished (raw fabric edges and MDF). It could be fitted with a cord to hang on a wall, or it could be left as is to stand on a shelf or on the floor. The piece is on the heavy side, so would need some substantial support if it were to go on the wall.
He will need to be treated with care, as this is a totally handmade work. Decorations will come off if mishandled.

Anyone want an elephant? Anyone?

I have already tried ebay but it seems my elephant is destined to be homeless. Let me know, and we can talk.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a beautiful elephant, but I live in Canada and the cost to ship it here would probably be quite high. So that's that. I find your blog very interesting at times.

Pinky said...

Thanks! Yes I agree, it sure ain't worth sending it to Canada! Glad you enjoy my blog...