Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggs and flowers

I have a collection of Easter eggs tht I have decorated over the years. I blow the insides of the eggs out through a tiny hole and then paint the shells. I like to display them in a tall vase on my Easter table.

This year the vase also contains some stuffed fabric eggs that I made a couple of months ago. They're not great, and I have next to no skill with a needle and thread, but I like them anyway.

Notice the jugful of chocolate eggs? Porkface won them in a competition: guess-how-many-eggs-in-the-jar. He used some mathematical formula to work out the exact number. I said it was cheating, but I guess if you know how to win, you do it.
Plus the eggs do look nice and shiny.
There's also two stems of oriental lilies. They smell just perfect.

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