Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foods that you're embarrassed to say you like

It's true. Those foods that you enjoy, but secretly disapprove of. Foods that you would gasp at if anyone suggested them. Foods that are so uncool and so unfashionable or unhealthy that you would never willingly admit to liking them. Embarrassing food.
On the eve of Good Friday, a day of food denial, why not indulge ourselves with stories of those foods you hate to love...

  • Cheerios. Those little red cocktail sausages. Hot, with tomato sauce. But I can't think about them while eating them, or of what's in them, or how I am destroying the universe with every bite.
  • Instant noodles. I like all the non-Maggi brands. So processed and salty. Terrible.
  • Hot chips with salt and vinegar (come on, who DOESN'T love these?) On the once-a-year or so that I have hot chips, even the guilt can't stop the deliciousness.
  • Fried chicken. You know what I'm talking about.


Adrasteia said...

Cream. I love it. Seriously, embarrassingly so. I would eat it just by itself out of the container quite easily. It's probably not the "I like cream" that's embarrassing, it's the how much I like cream that's embarrassing.

I also love the Kraft packet macaroni and cheese. I can make a beautiful macaroni and cheese with top quality ingredients, but damn I like it.

The big one is McDonalds cheeseburgers. I'm not a fan of anything else they do - somehow they can even make soft drink taste bad - but I love their cheeseburgers. It's the sauce - I want it!

Rabbit Sim said...

Instant noodles *gasp*, fried chicken *horror* and white chocolate (chocolate aficionados screamed *this is not chocolate*)

Anonymous said...

Oh you are well aware of my addiction to instant noodles, particularly the mi goreng brand. Sadly, it is an addiction that will surely one day herald my death.
However, I will fill you in on a few more deliciously evil secrets.
- creamed butter and sugar
- fairy floss
- McDonald's Cheeseburgers (just reading the comment above made my stomach rumble)
- weetbix
- peanut butter (I could eat a jar in one sitting)