Monday, March 24, 2008


How fabulously un-PC is Gordon Ramsay? He has become the highlight of my TV week. The verbal abuse, the mouth more filthy than a cockroach-infested mediaeval latrine, the incompetent and pathetic wannabe chefs who willingly parade themselves before him to be whipped and ridiculed, his terrible and destructive methods he uses to get results from people, the endless tirade of awful food.
It's just so bad, it's good. There was a thing in the paper on the weekend about a Federal inquiry into swearing on television, all because some senator stumbled upon the 9.30 version of Ramsay. Apparently he uses the f word 50 times an episode, on average.
He is an abomination of manners, yet so refreshing. When you spend all day behaving yourself and trying to present a reasonably polite face to the world, it's like a long cold Long Island iced tea to snuggle youself on the couch for an unashamedly foul-mouthed, evil hour of Ramsay. Thank God it's Tuesday!


Ed said...

Yes, thank god for him. He's the only decent thing on nine. Glad to hear the news he'll be doing a show in Australia. can't wait.

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench said...

He's freakin' BRILLIANT! Especially since the rest of food tv (and hell, the food bloggin' world) is just so overly sugary sweet and nice, here's a man who's unapologetic about how much of a d*ck he can be!

So much Ramsay love <3

Ed said...

Spot on Ellie. Is <3 meant to be a heart or cleavage?

Pinky said...

It's a cleavage in a halter top.
Because we just love Ramsay so very much.

Ed said...

Pinky, funny you should say that - he admired my friend's blouse last time he was here.