Monday, March 03, 2008

Today's haul from Burlington's

Ohh baby, did we score big time today. New and exciting treats from my favourite ever store, Burlington's, and its' no-less awesome neighbour, Yuen's, in the Chinatown Mall.

A pork floss roll from the Chinese bakehouse, and a packet of frozen soy beans in their pods from Burlington's. Note: the egg tarts from the bakehouse were fresh, beautiful, crisp and perfect.

A big pack of instant lemon tea sachets (20 individual ones.) You can add a sachet to hot or cold water and stir to create instant refreshing lemon tea. These have a good flavour, quite tannic, and not too sweet. I have been keeping a stash in my drawer at work. Next to the tea, tapioca pearls. I saw Maeve doing something with these on the Singapore episode of Food Safari. Will have to revisit the website and see what I can do. And a packet of rice vermicelli, to insert into Vietnamese rice paper rolls.
Ye olde standby, pork floss. See some ideas for what to do with it here. The other packet of chip-like snacks had "fried chicken" on the front, so of course Lord Porkface coudn't resist. That man has a serious weakness for fried chicken. The other night I needed to bribe him, so I marinated some chicken thigh chunks in milk, coated them in fresh breadcrumbs mixed with grated lemon zest and slow-fried them in peanut oil until golden and crispy nuggets. He was like putty in my hands.

A half-kilo slab of roast pork, from the bad-tempered staff at the butcher's outside. In hindsight, I should have bought the BBQ pork instead. By the time you get the bones out of this, you have significantly less meat, and a huge crust of crackling that is surprisingly bland. We ended up slicing it over a bowl of noodle soup with bok choy and sesame oil.

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