Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tom's Confectionery Warehouse

They are open 24 hours in the week leading up to Easter. If you haven't been, they're on Nudgee Rd, not far from the Sandgate Rd intersection at the airport roundabout.

They have almost every kind of candy and chocolate you could imagine: lots of Lindt and Ernest Hillier, a bit of Jelly Belly, tons of those weird kids' lollies you find at the corner shop, and at Easter, lots and lots of eggs. Prices are good.
A friend and I did a late-night run out there the other night. We ended up with a haul of Easter goodies. A packet of fairy floss, some sherbet candies shaped like little chicks, ducks and rabbits, a chocolate hen. Some PNG coffee from Basil's (a local supplier), an Old Gold rabbit for the neighbours, some lavender-flavoured sprinkles and sparklers for future cupcake excitement.
And for Lord Porkface, a giant 1-kilogram chocolate rabbit. It's about half a metre high and wrapped in plastic shrinkwrap. He knows nothing yet, so unless he suddenly starts reading this blog (highly unlikely) and twigs, it will be his Easter surprise. So nobody say anything to him yet. I love how the rabbit's face is all screwed up, in happiness and Easter joy, or possibly pain or constipation. What a great rabbit design, and one that can be enjoyed on many levels: its chocolatey taste, its bizarre face, its huge size and so on.

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