Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Limoges, tea ball and Monk Pear

Here's the new morning ritual: a cup of cobweb-clearing, throat-warming, soothing fresh monk pear tea, made using my new tea ball and served in my gorgeous new Limoges pink china mug.

Both the tea ball and the monk pear tea came from TLicious on Grey St at Southbank.

The monk pear is a variety of earl grey, but citrusier, pearier and lighter. It's all so luxurious: really, it makes me feel as if I need to be wrapped in a thick, soft, white gown, sitting in a sunny glass-fronted room filled with ferns and bowls of full-blown roses, considering an easy day ahead of pottering and wandering, and perhaps a good solid couple of hours of reading.
Certainly not the reality, which is that in about 40 cold, dark minutes I need to be dressed, in the car and ready for the hour-long morning commute.
I guess it's the little things that make reality bearable... Long live the weekend.

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Barbara said...

Love the limoges cups.