Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pearl, again

We ended up going to Pearl for Saturday lunch, last weekend. Pretty soon they'll be opening for weeknight dinners, but it's lunch only for now. Enjoyed a wonderful selection of three appetisers and three sandwiches, all to share.
The appetisers were a little dish of potato gnocchi, French onion soup with a cheese-drenched slice of toast, and some bacony vegetables. All lovely: the gnocchi in particular was not stodgy or starchy in the middle, and the soup was light and flavoursome.
Out of the sandwiches, my personal favourite was the corned silverside with salad and sauerkraut on wholemeal rye. The croque-monsieur was also delicious, but sinful. Authentically grilled (although occasionally in France I did see it deep-fried... quelle horreur!)
They also do a lovely virgin bloody mary and a sharp citron presse.
Decor is warm, loud, elegant, mirror-filled and cosy. No sign out the front yet, but who cares... obviously people have found it despite the lack of sign, because it was packed when we tried to go back for Friday lunch. Service was patchy, but overall, a wonderful spot. Want to return.

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