Sunday, June 08, 2008


Managed to make sushi the other night. No major mishaps, even for a first time effort. It's not as hard as I thought it would be: I just followed the destructions on the back of the Kohuko Rose rice packet, while casting my thoughts back to last week's rerun of Food Safari, Japan, when Maeve gets told to fan the rice to cool it rapidly, thus making it shiny and tacky.
I thought the most annoying part was a) trying to smear some wasabi evenly onto the rice base, and b) the ROLLAGE. Lawdy. The first part rolled fine, but when I got to the middle, suddenly all my tension disappeared and my rice roll was loose-ish and dodgy. Gotta work on that part.
As for ingredients and flavourings, the ones in the photo were the sample batch. Cucumber only. The next day I did a second lot that had sliced cooked beef, cucumber, wasabi and sesame oil. They were so much better.
I think the best part about this is a) I surprised myself by being able to make it, and b) I am all excited now about being able to dream up some insane fillings to take lunch sushi to work. Omelette.... been done. What about chocolate anchovy? What about beef and black bean? Maybe even a Japanese-inspired salad sushi? Pickled ginger and grilled pork slices?

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