Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gaugalin opium poppy liqueur

What a fantastic website. Cerbaco is a Melbourne-based company importing brilliant French liqueurs and aperitifs, plus Calvados, cider, armagnacs and cognacs, fruit eaux-de-vie. All those ones you thought you'd never see again outside France... they are but a mouse-click away. I just adore the gorgeous old-fashioned packaging on especially the Calvados and eau-de-vie bottles. They look like beautiful handwritten artisanal labels.

The newest one from Cerbaco is Gaugalin opium corn poppy liqueur. The promo material says "hallucinations not included". Wonder what we could do with a poppy liqueur? I feel like there are insanely wonderful cocktails to be made somewhere.
The same company also makes Pera Azteca, a pear and chocolate brandy. Doesn't look like it's being imported here yet, though.
For only $40, though, perhaps that Gaugalin could be in my liquor cabinet before too long.


Dhanggit said...

wow, i've never heard of this liquer before :-) thanks for sharing

Emma said...

Wow, I would like to share some of this with you one night. Let's do it!!

food bling, Brisbane said...

I read about Gaugalin in Gourmet Traveller (i think). it looks very cool but I reckon it would be one of those things you couldn't stop drinking once you cracked open a bottle.