Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SP Beer... the lager of the South Pacific

There should be more talk on teh interweb about this beer. SP Beer (South Pacific Beer) is what they in the tropics drink on a hot steamy afternoon. SP has won lots of international beer awards and lots of fans, on account of it being a totally fantastic, crisp and delicious lager.

Many of us expats who have since decamped to other shores find ourselves yearning for that short-necked brown bottle, or that green and yellow can. Maybe it's the memories and the associations with the place we were when we first tasted it, or maybe it's just a damn good beer. Personally, my SP fetish was first sparked when Dad used to let me slurp the foam off his glass of SP. Once you've had brown, you can't go back.

The good news is that SP Beer is FINALLY available in Australia. No more bribing friends to smuggle me back a slab from Port Moresby. At last we can enjoy the best beer in the southern hemisphere, without needing a passport. Where, you say? Read on. Fetch thy drinking boots.
Where to buy SP Beer in Queensland

Za Ba Bottle Shop
Cosmopolitan Building
Corner of Beach Rd and Gold Coast Highway
Surfers Paradise
5526 9018

Aubrey St Cellars
1/31 Aubrey St
Surfers Paradise
5538 2600
Islander Resort Bottle Shop (Bottle O)
6 Beach Rd
Surfers Paradise
5528 8000

Spiro's Bottle Shop
535 Milton Rd
3871 1725

Spiro's Bottle Shop
97-105 Latrobe Tce
3369 1782

Acacia Ridge Tavern
1260 Beaudesert Rd
Acacia Ridge
3875 2438


Anonymous said...

Wantok, that is just great news! SP is definitely the best beer in the Southern Hemisphere. Do you know whether they sell it in NSW (ie. Sydney)? Cheers (and beers)

Pinky said...

No news as yet for our Mexican friends... but you could always do a dash to Surfers to collect a slab!!
As soon as I know anything I'll post it up.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you can get it Dan Murphy's in Bondi

pauly said...

That stuff is tripe. Its almost as bad as vb. Best beer in the southern hemisphere??? Please. Boags? Cascade premium? Redback? Squire? Little creatures? What about red oak? Red oak are internationally awarded by various entities

Josh said...

"Internationally awarded by various entities"... well, you can let them determine your taste if you want to...

I, however, will rely on that tried and true method... downing a stubby or two..

And my report... SP is a beautiful beer, one of the best I've tried, it tastes great, and is so easy to drink.

What more can I say, other than ask as to where can I get some in Tassie?