Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spring makeup

Ah! My parcel from M.A.C. arrived safely, on the very same day that my sister sent me some more M.A.C., totally fortuitously and luckily, not the same stuff I ordered, but of course, very complementary to my choices and all very perfect and zen.
So. Clockwise from top, the blush in Peachy Keen, the pink frosted shadow in Pink Venus, the two matte shadows in Frisco and Mylar, and the velvety beige Retrospeck. Not that we can feel it yet, but spring is on the way and I'll need a face to greet it with. Maybe this could be my look for the Stevie Wonder Spring Night tour (tickets safely stashed in coffee tin. The burglars can take the TV: just leave me the CD collection, the jewellery and the KitchenAid!)

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