Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bowery and Pho B

Last Friday night, I was alone. Lord Porkface was off worshipping the almighty tennis god, and I had a set to see at the Valley Fiesta. Pre-set, I enjoyed a lovely Vietnamese beef salad and a pot of jasmine at Pho B, a little pho restaurant off the Valley Mall (Burlington-side, not Fat Boys-side.) And then afterwards, my book and I took ourselves off to The Bowery: recent winner of Gourmet Traveller's best bar in Australia award. Safely and sagely curled in a fat old leather couch, I contentedly read my Michael Crichton with a salty tequila cocktail by my side. Possibly one of the best nights out this year. And possibly the best cocktail, too! Well won, Bowery.

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