Friday, September 26, 2008

Mons Ban Sabai Thai Garden Restaurant

Three things:
1. They won the best Thai in the state
2. Adrasteia posted some great stuff about her visit to their cooking school
3. I love Thai and they are a 5-minute drive away (OK, that's two)

So therefore, it was time to partake. Yummy menu, fantastic staff, great decor and artwork, lovely setting. We had (for Lord Porkface and I) the Pad Thai (with beef), the Gai Yang marinated and barbecued chicken, the Yam Nua beef salad and a tiny scrap of rice to share. All awesome. The barbecued chicken received His Majesty's special seal of approval. Carved flowers and vegetables abound.
The only tragic thing about the whole evening was not the restaurant's problem: a huge table of middle-aged couples next to us was hilariously brought to attention at the arrival of one of their party. A woman who was probably in her mid-forties, no longer a spring chicken, in fact, with the stumpy body and legs of an old boiler (which is fine, except for...) wearing a MATCHING CORAL-COLOURED SHORTS SUIT (I'll repeat that: SHORTS SUIT) consisting of SHORT SHORTS and MATCHING PUFFY TOP, crowned by long, Charlie's Angels black hair and balancing the whole lot on a pair of super-high, tacky black and gold stilettos with big gladiatorial ankle straps. You should have seen my eyes bugging out. I had to collect my jaw off the floor.

So, sorry, Coral Lady, but when complete strangers are floored by your muttonly attire, perhaps its time to head down to the shops and select some more age-and-occasion-appropriate clothing. However I thank you for providing me with the evening's entertainment.

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