Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Also known as corn salad or lamb's lettuce. I love mache: ever since I had it in France I miss it and I want it back. It's a gorgeous, delicate, soft little leafy thing, like watercress in its daintiness and sage in its rounded, formed leaves. A perfect sweet-leaved wonder, a masterpiece of miniature herbal architecture.

I wonder if anyone grows or sells it here? I have never ever seen it in Brisbane.


Lara said...

I'm sure I've seen it before... but I can't think where. I reckon Powerhouse or Northey St markets would be your best bet.

I have a friend who's worked in a couple of fancy fruit and veg places, I'll ask him if he knows where to get it.

You could always buy some seeds from the Digger's club and grow your own! :-/

Lara said...

My friend wasn't really very helpful - he said he's heard there's an organic grower in northern NSW...

Sorry! Good luck with your search!