Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pho Hien Vuong

Stopped for lunch at Sunnybank today, whilst collecting the haul. I've always wanted to try Pho Hien Vuong, a tiny pho restaurant in the block of shops opposite Sunnybank Plaza. It's the block that contains Yuen's supermarket, Coco's, the fish place and the Chinese butcher. Obviously my favourite block of shops in the entire town.

I had the medium number 8- special beef pho. They brought me a plate of bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, sliced fresh chili and a lemon wedge. Then the bowl of pho arrived. It was great. Light, yet very flavoursome, it contained rice noodles, rare beef slices, pieces of beef brisket, finely-sliced tripe, sausage and beef tendon in a tangy fiery broth. I added some fish sauce and chili sauce to it as well, and it was fantastic. This was my first time eating both tripe and tendon, and it wasn't too bad. Definitely, this would be the way to try it. Total cost, eight bucks. Great lunch.
It looked nothing like the picture above, however. That's a good-looking pho.
And, these guys know everything about pho- some interesting information here.

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food bling, Brisbane said...

wow that looks great. I will definitely have to get there. nothing like a delicious bowl of pho for lunch, especially in summer