Monday, January 19, 2009

Zushi, Sydney

Sashimi salad
salmon sashimi on mixed-leaf salad with soy/mirin dressing

Whiting tempura
lightly battered whiting fillets served with a ponzu and chili dipping sauce

Gyoza roll
gyoza dumplings rolled inside-out with cucumber, finished with sesame seeds, shallots and wasabi mayonnaise

We visited Zushi, a small sushi restaurant in Victoria St, Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was voted Australia's Favourite Japanese Restaurant in the Lifestyle Food Awards, 2007, plus it wasn't too far from temporary-home in Annandale, so we thought we'd give it a try.
As well as these three dishes, we also tried the beef tataki salad and the chili edamame.

The verdict: 6 out of 10. All the dishes were good, especially the beef and salmon. The gyoza roll was good, but not great. Chili edamame was delicious. Service was pretty bad: the waiter took away our dishes and gave us the bill without asking for it, basically asking us to leave (even though there was hardly anyone else there.) Plus, he looked like some sort of clubbing rent-boy, wearing jeans, T-shirt and baseball cap while serving. Attitude.
However, they do have Sapporo on tap and the food was very tasty.
Next door is Gelato Messina. I can personally recommend the pear and rhubarb gelato.

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