Sunday, June 07, 2009

KFC Cayan Grill

What the hell is that?
What the hell is that word?

Is it cayenne?
Is it caiman?

No, it's cayan.

I have NEVER seen that word before. This is not a good sign, KFC. Google has no idea what it means, either. All the official KFC website tells us is that the Cayan Grill has herbs and spices on it, and it's grilled. As in, not fried. As in, trying to simultaneously alienate and win over the respective 50%s of KFC's market share.

Not a major KFC fan, unfortunately, except for the occasional stress-induced snack pack of popcorn chicken. However, this new menu item confuses me deeply and I wish to know whether or not it is a NEW FLAVOUR and if so WHAT FLAVOUR IS IT. And please stop inventing words that have no meaning, just random onomatopoeic associations with New Orleans.



Dwaynski said...

Agreed. KFC makes bad chicken. Stick to what you know. Leave the making of bad language to the kids of today KFC.

food bling, Brisbane said...

that's so funny - I wonder exactly the same thing every time I see that ad. It really annoys me! They've probably just made up the word so they can trademark it

bubblegum said...

Cayan is Cajun.KFC has used Cayan as that is more accurate to pronunciation. Cajun is a cuisine of the Cajuns of Louisiana, USA. It has French as well as Spanish and Indian influences. The Cayan chicken is grilled chicken with spices and herbs on it, in response to this cuisine.

Anonymous said...

Why not just call it Cajun then? It makes no sense :S

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with this. Cayan is not a style of cooking. It is not and has nothing to do with the "Cajun" or "Creole" style of cooking. It is totally made up word whic KFC have just made up presumably beacuse their marketing team either does not know how to spell "Cayenne" or "Cajun" sounds far too ethic (pfft!) and Australians simply will not buy it. Utterly ridiculous!!

Pinky said...

Sorry bubblegum, I'm with the others. Marketing and advertising is supposed to entice people to buy your product. Nobody in the target market knows what the hell their product is called... this is not a good omen! Aussies WILL buy it though, for several reasons. Unfortunately none of these relate to accurate or intelligent marketing. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I work at KFC, Its pronounced KAI-YEN. Its not cajun, its just one of KFC's ridiculous names. It is actually grilled and believe it or not, take the mayo off your burger, and you have a nice healthy burger, unless your one of the fatties who add on bacon and cheese .. etc etc.