Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breakfast at Grind

We went to Grind for breakfast, while we were up at Noosa for the Jazz Festival a couple of weeks ago. It's on Gympie Terrace at Noosaville. Out of the selection of breakfasty places along the terrace there, this one was the second-most busy. We had the omelette, the poachy with mushroom and tomato jam, and the eggs benedict. Good verdicts all round. The hollandaise on my eggs though... foamy and buttery. It's supposed to be like mayonnaise, people: it takes time and effort to perfect a hollandaise. It's not just whisking some butter and yolks together, it's creating a thick emulsion that leaves a silky ribbon behind the whisk.
I guess it's my own fault for consistently choosing the eggs benny when I know that hollandaise is a problem for a lot of breakfast cooks. If I didn't love poachies so much I'd go the omelette or even the classic bacon and hash browns, but there you have it. Good coffee though.

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Gastronomy Gal said...

What a disappointment. Eggs Benedict are my favourite and breakfast staple when I eat out. I'm yet to try Grind and I'm not sure if I will given the crappy hollandaise. You could try Gustos at Noosaville - I always have good breakfast there- esp love the sweet corn fritters with onion jam.