Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paris absinthe shop

You know I've talked about absinthe before: now here's the store in Paris dedicated to the green fairy.
Don't ask me where it is. All I know is that's it's in the Marais somewhere.


Alan said...

It's here:

Vert d'Absinthe
11 rue d'Ormesson
Phone Number: + 33 (0)142716973

I wrote about it here:

salsa said...

The shop "Vert d'Absinthe" has been open for years and is fantastic! There's actually nothing wrong with absinthe, and everything's wrong with your 2007 comment: "Everyone knows the story about how it was banned due to its high wormwood content and therefore extremely hallucinogenic properties."
Absinthe is nothallucinogenic, and it was not banned for its wormwood content, but rather as a result of (1) the temperance movement and (2) a smear campaign by the wine industry. Real absinthe is a fantastic apertif-- soothes the gut and lights up the palate-- but now, as in the 19th Century, there are plenty of crap products parading around as absinthe that are absolute garbage.

Pinky said...

Thank you Alan.

Thank you Salsa, for your illuminating comments. Please don't think I have ever said that there's anything WRONG with absinthe: I am a big fan and love to drink it. Quite a few bottles came out of that shop with me!

Alan said...

Hi again. Seeing that you are in Australia (or may be soon), this may be the best place for you to get some great absinthe: