Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bangalow Christmas ham

This year we have decided to try to have locally-bred, organic and free range meats (turkey and ham) on our Christmas table. We went with Bangalow Sweet Pork for the ham, even though it's not officially organic or free range (just hormone- and antibiotic-free), but it's always been delicious and tender. Butcher's Block at the James St Markets is a stockist of Bangalow pork. Turns out that Bangalow supplies it to James St, who get the pork smoked/cured/hammified at the Gold Coast, who then get it back to James St for retailing. Probably a few more food miles in there than really necessary, but that's OK for this year.
Getting your mitts on a free range organic turkey though is DIFFICULT. All the good butchers in town, like Village Meats at Rosalie, or James' Connossieur Meats at Kenmore, have free range but not organic. I have contacted Sunforest Organic Turkeys to find out where their Brisbane retail outlets are. Will report back.
OK. Sunforest did not get back to me. Have ordered a free-range turkey from James St. On a separate but related note, Pennisi at Balaclava St have unsweetened chestnut puree (also whole chestnuts) for the buche de Noel, and baccalau (dried salt cod) for making the French winter favourite, brandade de morue.

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spodg said...

organic hams and turkeys can be obtained from The Meating Place butchers at Paddington Central