Friday, December 25, 2009

My buche de Noel 2009

Pre-decoration Log.

You know what's gross? Plain chestnut puree straight out of the can. It looks like poo jelly.

It's a Yule log. You roll up a plain sponge cake with a filling, then frost and decorate the outside. My filling was a mixture of unsweetened chestnut puree, dark chocolate, sugar and vanilla.
I made meringue mushrooms and rubbed them with edible gold powder.
Recipe to come.

The whole thing was pretty successful. If I did it again I would increase the chestnut ratio, not grate the white chocolate (not snowy-looking enough) and bake my sponge flatter and longer for a really fat roll.
Interesting how just a year ago I thought I would never attempt this.

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Emma said...

Oh my goodness, this looks fabulous and I want you to make me this when we get home.... (or something as equally as good)...