Saturday, January 23, 2010

Biscuits roses de Reims

The famous pink rose biscuits, made in the Champagne city of Reims by Fossier. These are traditionally dipped in a glass of champagne. Class. There used to be more biscuit fabricators around, but these days it's just Fossier.
Imagine a light and crispy sponge biscuit, flaky and dusted with icing sugar. Gentle and indulgent: only once have I ever tasted this flavour combination, whilst in its home city. Lovely.
Right now I'm imagining a creamy coupe of Pol Roger and some biscuits roses on a shaded evening terrace, vines overhead and the scent of jasmine all around.

I didn't know that some people also enjoy them dipped in milk or as an ingredient in other recipes. Not available in Australia, unfortunately, but then I always think this is the sort of thing best enjoyed authentically.

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