Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My best and worst fashion of the Golden Globes 2010

Hate. Sir Paul, I don't care for your scarf. And Friend, it's the Globes, not a swingers fondue party.

Hate. Put them away, everyone's seen your personal golden globes more times than we care to remember. And maybe try a different hairdo or shade of fake tan in the future.

Love. Simple, great dovegrey colour, structured draping.

Love. She is SIXTY-FIVE! Good on her. Super hot.

Hate. Gorillaface. Try not to get it so wrinkled.

Love. Everything but the hip shelf.

What the hell? Hate! Is she a washed-up 1970s casino dolly? And the SHOES! Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Love. Mini-hive, French attitude, panache, relaxed.

Love. Mr Schue, TAKE ME HOME.

Love. Emily looks soft and glowing and John looks sharp. Pull your pants up though.

For some reason, love. Unusual. Colour a bit beige though.

Love. Worthington, you arrogant bastard. You look foxy and confident and so does Natalie. When she is gone we will be married and I will be your red carpet arm candy.

Hate. Chick from The Office, sort your bodice out and DO YOUR HAIR PROPERLY.

Hate. Patricia. You are not a bag lady / a million years old.

Hate. Cory Monteith- GET ONE THAT FITS.

Love. Clooney and Friend- she somehow gets away with the twisted midriff bits.

Love. Sparkly, structured, simple.

Love. This is weird but she pulls it off.

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