Sunday, March 07, 2010

Raspberry marshmallow cupcakes

These look (and taste) so sweet. They're dead easy to make: the cuteness is all in the detail. Make some plain buttercake cupcakes, using fancy floral cupcake papers. I added a few drops of rosewater into the cake batter. Make sure the cake only comes about two-thirds of the way up the case.
Warm some raspberry jam and dollop a teaspoonful onto each cake. When the jam has cooled a bit, make some plain buttercream icing, adding pink food colouring and a few drops each of lemon juice and rosewater. Fit a piping bag with a medium-large star nozzle and swirl icing over the jam in a pyramid shape. Sprinkle mini-marshmallows to finish.

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Brisbane Baker said...

Wow! Pretty cupcakes!

Where did you get your cupcake papers? I find it really hard to find anything nice.

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