Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kindergarten bentos

We went to the local kindergarten in rural Japan. At lunchtime, all the kids unpack their lunchboxes, matching cups, chopsticks and moist towels from their little lunch bags. They're not allowed to start eating until the teacher says so, and they sing a little song first. Then it's time to fill the Hello Kitty cups with government-provided milk and to break out the bentos. We saw some truly gorgeous little lunches: onigiri, wieners, boiled eggs, fish sticks, salad, red bean paste sandwiches. And there's no food fights or mess: the kids are all very tidy eaters and wield their chopsticks like pros. At the end, everything gets packed back into the lunch bags and it's time to get back to play.


Adrasteia said...

Aww, these shots are adorable Pinky!

Emma said...

Why do the kids look so miserable I wonder? They're supposed to be excited about their obento!!

Maybe its because they're being made to wait and they have to sing the "I'm genki song" before they can eat??