Saturday, August 07, 2010


My first okonomiyaki experience. People told me it was amazing. They were right. A giant savoury cake, filled with vegetables and various meats. You mix and fry it yourself on the teppan (hot plate).
We also had a delicious daikon salad to share.

The two wooden boxes stacked up on the left are filled with dried seaweed flakes and dried bonito flakes for sprinkling. The glazed black pot has a brush in it and contains the sweet thick okonomiyaki sauce. The three little bottles have soy sauce, oil and chili oil. Behind them is the mayonnaise, and in front is my glass of melon-flavoured Fanta. Over to the right is the Dalek-looking thing: it has a button on it you press to call the server and doubles as an astrology guide.

There's a good recipe for okonomiyaki here.


Emma said...

Oh how I miss Japanese okonomiyaki already. We had the Vietnamese version last night - called Biao Xeo I think (could very easily be wrong). Just as fun, and just as delicious. We should find a place in Brisbane to check out, when I get back! And of course, in the meantime - try homemade okonomiyaki on the BBQ in Greenslopes...xo

Snake said...

Great blog! They make yummy cabbagy okonomiyaki at the West End Markets in Davies Park too! I'm so into them after having one for breakfast somewhat by accident.