Thursday, July 07, 2011

Egg Bistro

At Stanley St, Woolloongabba.
Verdict: very good. Nice Euro-esque interior decor, the dark wood, the bentwood chairs. The tall tables and stools along the walls are a nice touch but not always easy for shortarses like me to climb up on. Strong and hot leaf tea, not teabag (tick), fresh muffin-like creatures on the countertop (tick), hash brown made from actual real potato that grew in the ground, grated, seasoned and freshly fried (double tick). Tables not always wide enough to fully open newspaper and not knock over coffee, though.
We ate scrambled eggs with bacon on sourdough with a hash brown, plus the special: veal and pork meatloaf with a poached egg, tomato relish and sourdough toast. The meatloaf was too much like meatloaf for my liking: however for a meatloaf it was very good and not too strongly seasoned (tick). Poached egg EXCELLENT. Toast legitimate. All things very delicious. Service prompt and calm. Plus the waiter was super cute (insert inappropriate meatloaf joke). Most other patrons were sophisticated and genteel. Concerns: noisy chidren, business-shirt bogans, yapping women. Also how they don't take bookings for less than four people, despite the weekend breakfasts creating queues round the block. Location: I guess they can't help being next to a servo. Parking is OK on the side streets. Lucky the old antiques building is so lovely. YES TO EGG.

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