Monday, July 04, 2011

Max Brenner + River Cafe

Seems like every time I pass the Max Brenner store at Southbank, there is a queue out the door. I have had intentions of trying it out in the past, but the everlasting lines of fussing women, tourists and clumps of teenage girls all vying to buy a coffee or dessert and sit in a noisy choco-den really put me off. Plus, people said that the produce was comparable to others (eg: get a good coffee at Chocolate Soldier instead and avoid the crowds.)

Anyway, I was enjoying a Lovely Outing with a friend, and after we had lunch at Piaf, we wandered over to check out ye olde Max Brenner. Bypassed the ubiquitous queue and went straight over to the retail counter where you buy gifts and prepackaged chocolate. Picked up a few little things as presents for various people. Expensive. Packaging a bit over the top. No need for everything to be quite so branded: the packets and tins were like a steer's arse with the MB logo seared onto every surface.
Continued on down to the River Cafe at GOMA (such a beautiful location but WHY ARE THE BAIN-MARIES FULL OF ROCKS?) for a coffee, which, thoughtfully, we were allowed to sprinkle with mini-marshmallows ourselves. Quite good, for you know, a standard coffee served in a takeaway cardboard cup. This is also where we opened the Max Brenner showbags and had a taste. My verdict: MB chocolate is smooth and good, but too sweet for me and probably overpriced. The caramelised pecans with praline and cocoa powder were lovely. Unfortunately I also enjoy chocolate that costs less than $15 for 80 grams, so not sure if I'll be bothering with Max again. Thanks for trying though Max, and it's nice to see businesses like this appearing in our fair city to begin with.

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Emma said...

I totally agree. I think my greedy husband ate his 60g of $6 chocolate in about 60seconds. It was good though. Very good. I was impressed with the smoothness - it's how I remember good chocolate tasting from years ago, instead of the grainy sweet mass- produced stuff so common today!