Monday, January 09, 2012

Swiss supermarket

I really love foreign supermarkets. I just want to SEE what is THERE that is NEW and EXCITING. 
Whether it's true or not, I feel like you can get a real insight into a culture by trawling a supermarket. These are from the local Zurich supermarket (incidentally, the Swiss have already adopted the online shopping system where pictures of items are displayed on external walls, bus shelters, etc: you scan a picture of the item on your phone and it gets delivered to your home. Can't wait for that to happen here.)
Many many breads

Green "Sweetie" grapefuit

Dairy... huge, as always

Instant puddings and cakes

The chocolate section. NEVER have I seen more chocolate in one aisle... and this wasn't even half of it

Ready-made grill packs: smoked ham, sausages, chicken etc

Dried meat chips made from horse and chicken

Frozen whole sardines and mixed seafood

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