Wednesday, June 07, 2006

GoTalk??!?! More like go jump

Oh, those jerks.

On Saturday afternoon I was quietly at home alone making tomato soup, listening to the radio and thinking about having a nap.
The phone rings. I answer it. Hello, says the Indian call centre operator, this is unintelligible blur from GoTalk.
Okay, I said.
GoTalk? I am calling from GoTalk?
Yes, okay, I said.
Do you know GoTalk? The Australian company?
Yes, I know GoTalk, I said. Yes.
Is that Mrs Jenkins I am speaking to?, I said, but that's OK. (Please get on with whatever it is you're going to sell me so I can politely decline and get back to the soup).
I am calling to tell you that your phone line rental fee has gone down.
Okay, I said. Looking out the window at the beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Your overseas call fees have gone down. Your mobile fees have gone down. Your local calls have gone down.
Um, I said, I'm sorry, but I am in the middle of making soup right now. This is not a good time.
No no, he said. I will really only take two more minutes of your time, Mrs Jenkins.
Okay, I said.
If you sign up with GoTalk this will happen to you, he said. All your fees will go down.
Actually, I said, we already have a contract with another phone company. I'm sorry.

What??!?! he said. How dare you waste my time!! I am calling you for nothing???!?! You waste my time, you dumbo!! Dumbo!!!

And then he hung up.

Hmm, I thought, standing by the bench, dead phone in hand. Hmmm. On a Saturday afternoon, a pushy telemarketer calls me from India to sell me something. I listen, and then I politely decline. The telemarketer abuses me and hangs up. Has the world gone mad?

I was going to get onto GoTalk and speak my mind. Now I think maybe life's too short. Sigh....move on.

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