Monday, June 05, 2006

Remake heaven

Oh look, they are remaking The Poseidon Adventure. Let's see, after the 1972 original starring Hackman and Borgnine, there was that hopeless 2005 made-for-TV version with Steve Guttenberg in it (and Bryan Brown! Surely at least he had other options- I can understand Guttenberg being desperate for a job).
And now we have the remade remake remade starring Kurt Russell (groan) and Richard Dreyfuss.

Even the first one was never that great. Ship gets whacked by a wave, ship falls over, few people die. Handful of mismatched passengers form commando posse to escape from underwater tomb. Most of them die. End up in secret bubble near rudder, navy choppers extract them with steel cutters.


And to say nothing of the new Omen, the new Amityville Horror, the new Psycho......(snore)...

Originality, return to us!

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