Saturday, July 21, 2007

8 things about me

Well, in my first ever instance of blog taggage, it seems I have been tagged by KJ at A Cracking Good Egg for a meme on... myself.

Gee, but I find it so difficult to just rabbit on about myself. Har har har.

Here's my 8 random facts about me:

  1. I once lived with a family of French hippie nudists. Their toothpaste was homeopathic and tasted like poison. They were only nudists during the warmer months (smart, I guess) and took me to a few French nudist beaches. Where I very quickly lost any remaining shreds of childhood / innocence that may have remained. Once I came round a corner in the hallway to find the father standing on a chair to replace a lightbulb, buck nekkid. I had to go boil my eyes.

  2. Ironing is one of my favourite household chores.

  3. I dream of moving to a foreign country. I would love to live in Singapore or Hong Kong (or anywhere, really) and become a full-time permanent expatriate citizen.

  4. When it gets cold, my eyes fog up. Maybe they don't actually fog up, but I can't focus them and I can't judge distance. I know when the temperature is in the single digits, because suddenly it's like somebody steamed up my corneas. (By the way, no doctors have ever heard of this, so I should probably be in the Guinness Book of Records or something).

  5. I never learned to whistle, do cartwheels or to know my times tables. I still count on my fingers.

  6. I cry when I watch The Little Mermaid. And I love to watch old MGM musicals late at night.

  7. I am left-handed.

  8. I enjoy tracking ants through the house, out into the yard and back to their nest, where I can hit them liberally with the bug spray or perhaps a kettle of boiling water. See how you eat my honey NOW, ants!

Seems that now I have to continue the meme... like one of those creepy chain letters from the 80s. Who shall I tag to continue?

Ange at Vicious Ange

M at Not Gourmet

Sarah at Sarah Cooks
They have to publish their own 8 random facts, and tag some other people. The circle of life...

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