Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fresh produce still expensive

... well, apart from broccoli, that is. And who cares about bloody broccoli anyway? Seems like broccoli is the only thing you can get for less than 4 million a kilo down at the fruit shop.
I saw a young Asian lady loading her shopping basket with nothing but broccoli. Obviously thinking of whipping up... what? Broccoli soup? Vegetable bake? I have no idea. You can't even freeze it, either.
Citrus isn't too bad at the moment: some of the winter apples are OK too. Don't even talk to me about zucchini or beans. And what the hell is with leeks?!?! It's not as if leeks are some basic essential item that everyone buys each week.
To be a little more positive, there are some absolutely beautiful strawberries and golden kiwifruit around. Today I bought 500g of strawberries for $5, down at Coco's on Ipswich Rd.
But in general, the drought is starting to affect us in more unsettling ways, now that fresh produce prices are still remaining high. One way to make it hurt less is by avoiding supermarkets, where possible. Use the small local places, the farmers' markets, the stand-alone fruit shops.
Come on, rain! It shouldn't cost more than $30 for a basket of fruit and veg!

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Anonymous said...

Anyone on the north side? Then you should go and get your fruit and veg from a place on Stafford Road. Head towards Gympie Rd from Stafford shops and it's on the left, before Video Ezy. Forget a basket - for $30 you can get a whole TROLLEY full of freshness. Plus gorgeous greek yoghurt, 3 loaves of bread for $3 and an ever-changing selection of imported goodies. Go, go!