Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tongue n' Groove? More like hit n' run

We did something bad today.
It was bad. Impolite. Immature.
I have no regrets.
We went down to Hardgrave Road for lunch, and decided on Tongue n' Groove. Good and interesting things had been heard about their all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and salads. Right, we said. Fine.
Wandered up. Place half full of diners, but no staff. Waiting, hovering at the door: no staff.
Staff member came past. Hi, he said. Hi, we said. He was gone.
Waiting. Let's just sit down, we said. We sat. Got the paper out, read the first three pages. No staff.
No one even knows we're here, he said. It's OK, I said. They'll see us.
They didn't.
If no one comes over in the next five minutes, we're leaving, he said. Fine, I said.
Waitress turned up. Menus, water, etc. Polite, friendly enough. No apology for leaving us to macerate for ten minutes.
Porkface went to pour me a glass of water. His face dropped: what is it? I said.
Smeary, dirty water glasses. One already had a pool of water sitting in the bottom. Right, I said.
We looked at each other, looked at the menu, looked at the water glasses.
I grabbed my handbag and we stood up, and walked 20 metres down to Trang Vietnamese-Chinese Restaurant, where we were promptly acknowledged and given clean glasses.
It's these small things that make a difference, don't you think?
And I know we were rude for just taking off. I still don't care, though. Maybe another time, Tongue n' Groove.

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