Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jamie Oliver's lamb kofta kebabs with onion salad, grilled corn and couscous

These were really good. From Jamie at Home. I made the kebabs as instructed, but changed the rest of it.

The kebabs were a mixture of lamb mince, pistachios, sumac, crushed chili, salt, pepper and cumin powder. You smash the lot together in the food processor, then mould it around skewers. (I used wooden skewers, but just be sure to soak them in water for a while first so they don't burn.)

I grilled the koftas on my humumgous Le Chasseur grill pan. A heavy frying pan would be fine, too. Jamie cooks his in the coals of a barbecue: I will try this if and when I get the outdoor barbecue I want.

(Note: I want a pit full of rocks with a grill over the top that everyone can sit round and stare at glowing embers and roast marshmallows. None of this gas-fired, temperature-controlled pansy work).

They don't take very long at all to cook. I had mine done medium-rare: still tender and juicy inside, with a tinge of pink in the middle. Meanwhile, the salad was just finely-sliced red onion marinated in lemon juice for five minutes, and torn basil leaves. I also made some plain couscous, and corn cobs wrapped in husk pieces and then in tin foil. I grilled the cobs on the grill pan with the koftas.

Maybe the only thing that would have been good with this might be some plain Greek-style yoghurt.

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