Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bush Honey

This company is based out at Mount Mee. It seems their only web presence is this: I would suggest they make a bit more of themselves online, seeing as their product is so divine.
The honeys come in a few different formats: you've got the squeezy bottle, the 500g square jar, the 500g tall round jar, and I'm sure I've seen big 1 litre containers for sale too.
Varieties include leatherwood, ironbark, macadamia, acacia, yapunyah, lucerne, coolibah, yellowbox, orange blossom, clover, snowy gum, banksia and a few others that I've forgotten. As I understand it, the company brings in honey varieties from all over the country and then packs them here in Queensland. My favourites so far are the clover, macadamia (mmm), the acacia and the yapunyah. And it might sound weird, but it's almost as if these honeys are a little less sweet than your usual supermarket lot- the Capilanos and so on. Perhaps its the generic blends that I don't like. These single-variety flavours actually do have a rich depth and difference, and that really sets them apart.
Note: I have no connection with Bush Honey... I just really like their product! You can get the honey at most delis (Feast on Fruit has a big selection).

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Sarah said...

... their product is so divine.

I second that! It's really good- I never buy supermarket honey any more. We buy ours at the chinese convenience store on Sir Fred Schonell drive in St Lucia, but I've seen it at a fair few other places.