Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm off the starch, sort of

Gee, being interested in food can really wreck your waistline. Lawdy.
Anyway, in the past I've tried going cold turkey on the carbs, and it really doesn't work for me. I get cranky and edgy and you can't eat out and you have to prepare and take all your daily food with you because you can't rely on being able to get a carb-free salad with reasonable protein in it and every few days I have a brain snap and end up eating crackers or bread and then there's the guilt and then you have to start again.
So the new plan is this. Toast and protein for breakfast (baked beans, egg, ham, mushroom, etc), salad, small amount of carbs and protein for lunch (eg. a salade nicoise with bread or crackers) and then for dinner, protein and vegetables only. No carbs after 4pm.
And so far it is working well. I miss nothing. I crave nothing. I cook exactly the same as I always did, just in a different order. I can still make pasta, except only for weekend lunches or to take to work for a weekday lunch. I still gorge on poachies on toast on Saturday mornings. Dinners are still something like chicken, vegies and potatoes, except now I cook the chicken, prepare the vegies and just cook one potato for Porkface instead of two for both of us.
And the other half of the plan is just to graaaaadually cut down on the portion sizes, and to walk more. For someone who cannot and will not "diet", this is a diet plan that works for me. I've been doing this for about six months, and I've lost about seven kilos. Admittedly, I'll need to rev it up to get results any quicker, but so far I'm pleased with how things are going. Now, where's that Camembert?

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