Friday, April 11, 2008


Craving a real bagel. You know what I mean. Does anyone know where to get a good bagel in this town?


Julesgourmond said...

Glicks for sure- yum!

Lara said...

Hi! I only recently found your blog through a comment you posted on food bling. I've been searching for Brisbane Food blogs for ages and have never come across yours before. :-/ I've been going through some of your old posts, hence this comment.

Since you already know about Pennisi (my favourite place in Brisbane!) I thought I'd let you know that they stock Glick's bagels. They're in the freezer, currently next to the cheese fridge.

I particularly like them with taramasalata (sp?), also from Pennisi.

I usually don't give away my bagel secrets, but I'm trying to avoid white flour at the moment. :(